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I started to program games when I was about 12. For years, Games and animations were my only programs I made. Some are still stored on a tape (progs for PMD 85), some are lost forever (those for Z80 and Atari ST). So here are some of games I made for PC. Have fun.

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Tanky v4 Linux (4.2) added on June 27, 2004
  C/Linux   Sound was added in this version, as 4.1 lacked it. It's only PC speaker heared thru the sound card. Nothing fancy, but still nicer as no sound.
Package : Contains sources with Makefile.
t4_linux.png 84.3 KB (click to enlarge)
in action

Tanky v4 Linux - executable (4.2) added on June 27, 2004
  Linux binary   A ready-to-run package of Tanky V4 Linux. Just unpack & run.  

Tanky v4 Linux (4.1) added on June 12, 2004
  C/Linux   Finally a version running natively under Linux is avaiable. No more DOSEmu is needed. This is source distribution, easy to compile. You will only need the Allegro library (or a package allegro-dev)  

Tanky v4 Linux - binary package added on June 14, 2004
  Linux binary   A ready-to-run package of Tanky V4 Linux. Just unpack & run. No requirements needed, the executable is linked staticaly.  

Tanky v4 added on January 7, 2004
  C/DOS   This is the newest version of Tanky. Engine has been rebuilt a lot.
New features added:
  • Better starting screen, with nice key layout.
  • Game is no more limited to 11 levels.
  • New engine improvements allow blinking walls - moving wall effect is avaiable. Tiles can blink at different speeds. Until now, only small mines were blinking.
  • Changed scoring system. Points earned not only for victory, but also for successful hits. And now, you earn different amount of points for Flawless and UF victories. Also after-level-statistics screen is improved
  • Levels now have names. Name of the level is shown at the beginning with exciting pixel effect.
  • Shots are now 2x2 pixels large. This greatly improves their visibility.
  • Multilanguage support added. For now, EN and SK languages are avaiable. English is default. Just run 'TANKY.EXE SK' for Slovak language.
  • Walls can be destroyed
  • And the most exciting improvement : You can collect bonuses. They appear randomly at random locations, as flashing multicolor boxes. They can be destroyed by a single shot. Only one bonus on screen at once. Player can use only one bonus at once - collecting new bonus will deactivate the old one. Avaiable bonuses are : Gauss - ultra fast shots ; Wide - 3-way fire, with 15 shots! ; 15x - gives you 15 shots! ; Back fire - rear fire ; Death - transforms you to an invincible mobile mine ; Shield - shield regeneretion ; Quick reload - regenerates ammo immediately after the shot disapears ; 2-way - bidirectional front+rear fire with 10 shots.
This version includes all levels from Tanky 3, and they are improved a little.
Level format changed, so you cannot directly use levels from earlier versions. A level converter or converted levels will be released :)
Under Linux, the game works awesome with DOSemu.
t4_level1_action.png 5.3 KB (click to enlarge)
Level 1 action
t4_gauss_victory.png 5.4 KB (click to enlarge)
Winning using the Gauss Canon bonus
t4_wide_shot.png 7.0 KB (click to enlarge)
Firing 15 shots with Wide Shot bonus
t4_intro_screen.png 3.6 KB (click to enlarge)
This is the main menu screen
t4_score_screen.png 3.1 KB (click to enlarge)
After each round, you can see detailed statistics
t4_final_screen.png 57.1 KB (click to enlarge)
And here is the final screen. Screenshot taken with surrounding desktop

Tanky added on June 17, 2002
  C/DOS   Tanky (Tanks in English) is one of my first really playable games. This game is for two or three players and the main goal is to shoot your opponents. Has 10 stages + one if draw. Uses 640x480 16 colors. Really good fun.  
t1_1.png 4.9 KB (click to enlarge)

Tanky 2 added on June 17, 2002
  C/DOS   After one year, I enhanced some Tanky features. Now you can choose game speed, there are some additional explosion effects, chain explosion of mines, destructible mines, blinking mines (they look like moving), 2xmore graphics tiles, and famous 'Flawless victory' label :) More stuff, more fun.  
t2_1.png 8.7 KB (click to enlarge) t2_2.png 9.5 KB (click to enlarge) t2_3.png 8.9 KB (click to enlarge)

Tanky 3 added on June 17, 2002
  C/DOS   This is the same thing like Tanky 2, but there are some new levels (more levels, more fun, heh? :)  
t3_1.png 8.2 KB (click to enlarge) t3_2.png 8.8 KB (click to enlarge) t3_3.png 6.9 KB (click to enlarge)

Colums added on June 17, 2002
  C/DOS   A Tetris like game. You must get 3 or more jewels in line to make them disapear. It has score counter, highscore table, and some 'cool' speaker effects.  
colums1.png 12.6 KB (click to enlarge) colums2.png 37.9 KB (click to enlarge) colums3.png 35.3 KB (click to enlarge)

Auta added on June 17, 2002
  C/DOS   A racing game. For 6 players on one keyboard! Just press two keys alternatively as fast as you can to speed up your car. In three or more players, there are some keyboard limitations, so just try to play with one finger :) Very funny (but not for your poor keyboard).  
auta.png 5.1 KB (click to enlarge)

PingPong added on June 17, 2002
  C/DOS   This is a textmode Pong-like game I made in 1 hour. Nothing fancy.  

Domino added on June 17, 2002
  C/DOS   A logical game. You have to pose on the field (customisable size) your brick (size 2). If you can't pose your next brick, you lose. You can play VS other player or a computer. In hard difficulty, program uses a brutal force backtracking, so you can't win.  

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