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Here are my newer projects. You will find here Linux or portable applications/utilities/games...

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E-Keyboard 2.0 added on February 16, 2005
  C (gcc) / Epplet   E-keyboard is an Enlightenment epplet used to switch between different keymaps (keyboard layouts) in X. It is a graphical frontend to the 'setxkbmap' command.
Actual keymap is shown using a flag and two or three letters (eg GB, SVK, ...). There are 18 built-in flags + 1 default. You can still add your own stuff. Flags are mapped at a 3D flag-like (or board-like) superquadratic. Then some lighting and phong are applied to make it look much nicer. Keymaps are cycled by pressing left or right mouse button on over the epplet (mouse wheel can be used too).
New since v2.0: Help, Close & Config buttons will apear if you keep the mouse cursor over the epplet for about 1 second.
In the config dialog, you can add/delete/create new/update avaiable keymaps. Then you can add/rearrange the 'used' keymaps. The first in the queue will be the default keymap to show at startup (x-keymap isn't changed at applet's startup).
For more info about Enlightenment, visit its homepage @ http://enlightenment.org.
e-keyboard_config.png 69.8 KB (click to enlarge)
With configuration dialog
Animation : GB to SK
Changing from FR to PL
When the picture isn't found
ekeyboard_devel.png 262.1 KB (click to enlarge)
when in development (using POVRay & my custom 3D mapper)

E-Mountbox 0.6 added on February 18, 2005
  C (gcc) / Epplet   E-Mountbox is an epplet that can (un)mount user-mountable devices and run a defined file manager in given directory with one click.
New since v0.6: The icon becomes red while trying to mount the media (a busy indicator). Also the icon transparency isn't used on click, so a click wherever in the window will mount the media.
The original E-Mountbox was created by Christian Kreibich. I enhanced it after few years.
The 'busy' indicator, trying to mount
CD picture
Mounted USB key picture
emount_config.png 34.5 KB (click to enlarge)
E-Mountbox with configuration dialog

E-Mbuttons 0.7 added on May 2, 2004
  C (gcc) / Epplet   E-Mbuttons is an Enlightenment epplet - application launcher. It's composed of several buttons. Each button executes one command (an application or script). Several visual effects are applied after clicking a button. For now, 6 per button and 5 global effects are avaiable. You can customize the epplet geometry, the number of buttons/columns/rows, and the allowed effects.
For more info about Enlightenment, visit its homepage @ http://enlightenment.org.
2x3 with 5 buttons
with different E-theme
with another E-theme
1x7 (animated)
emb_vertical.png 48.3 KB (click to enlarge)
as a part of vertical toolbar

TankEdit 0.1 added on April 15, 2004
  Java   This is an editor for Tanky V4. It contains two programs :
leveledit - to edit a set of levels. It can set attributes of every tile, edit the layout of levels, edit the initial locations & directions of tanks, change the visualisation of the "invisible tile", edit the level name, change the order of levels, add new levels, load a set of levels, load tile set.
tileedit - to edit tiles (squares 8x8 pixels forming the levels). It has dual screen to be able to edit 2 tilesets at once and to copy&paste between them. Also can edit the "Large tiles" 16x16 used as ammo/speed/shield indicators.
Only levels & tiles for Tanky V4 are supported. These programs are made with Java/Swing.
tankedit_lev1.png 32.4 KB (click to enlarge)
Editing a set of levels
tankedit_lev2.png 33.1 KB (click to enlarge)
Placing tanks' starting locations
tankedit_lev3.png 40.0 KB (click to enlarge)
Load dialog
tankedit_tile1.png 24.1 KB (click to enlarge)
Editing a set of tiles
tankedit_tile2.png 28.2 KB (click to enlarge)
Editing a large tile (up) and copy&paste of a region (down)

E-Keyboard 1.1 added on May 15, 2004
  C (gcc) / Epplet   Older version of E-keyboard. It doesn't contain the configuration dialog, so the config has to be edited manually.  

E-Mountbox 0.5 added on February 17, 2005
  C (gcc) / Epplet   Older verison of E-Mountbox.  

E-Mbuttons 0.6 added on February 28, 2004
  C (gcc)   Older version of E-Mbuttons  

E-Mbuttons 0.4 added on October 10, 2003
  C (gcc)   First released version of E-Mbuttons  

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